Dr. Gwendolyn Wellmann is an independent sociologist who specializes in sustainable community development, public consultation, project-induced social impacts on communities, and the social performance of companies and governments.  

Her experience includes working with artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) and she has also been called as expert witness in court and arbitration cases related to involuntary resettlement.

She has a firm knowledge of the IFC Performance Standards, the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework, the Global Reporting Initiative, the Equator Principles and the South African Social and Labour Plan requirements. 

Gwendolyn has worked in East, West and Southern Africa as well as in Peru and the Philippines.  Although based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gwendolyn is available to work internationally.


Gwendolyn is frequently asked to speak at public events on topics as varied as living off the electric grid; backyard vegetable gardening; the effects of climate change on communities; water conservation; and shareholder activism.

She also regularly presents papers at academic and industry conferences.  She is a member of the International Association for Impact Association (IAIA) and the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS).