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Living Off the Electrical Grid in A City

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 16:45

I have become one of those people who look up into the sky to greet the sun every morning.  If it is not there, I feel a bit anxious and wish it a speedy return.  No, I am not a farmer and no, I do not live in one of those spots on our planet that seldom sees the sun.  I am just one of those lucky people who are able to go off the electricity grid and run my house and office on alternative energy, in this case, solar power.  I do it for various reasons, but mostly because I feel it is my duty to do so in order to help protect our planet and also because I like my independence.  Living in South Africa means that one is more often than not held to ransom by our monopoly electricity provider, Eskom, and their incompetence, increasing rates and the constant threat of rolling blackouts, or as we choose to call it here: ‘load-shedding’.  But this article is not about Eskom, it is about my eco-responsible journey to this point.


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